Monday, October 12, 2009

A Multiple Monitor Set Up Will Relieve Productivity Stress

Lets take in to consideration some thoughts on sufficient use, or lack of, our time. Our daily schedule is filled with a vast field of chores, things to do, acts of honor, and wishful thinking. The modern day revolution of technological breakthroughs in association with everyday office/business/personal needs, can often become a systematical ritual of keeping up with the Jone's. All in all, the more we can get done the better, and not the other way around. With that in mind, the pressure to do more is sometimes great and that pressure can become stress.

If your among the billions of people (literally over 1.6 billion worldwide according to then you know how time consuming your desktop, Mac, or PC can be. If you're not, I'm sure you will be soon enough.

Fortunately, the technology demands of our time is rivaled only in terms of it's terms of growth. Now more than ever a person can use a computer to organize their schedule, set a reminder to finish those reports, pay the bills, check juniors grades, and most of all, experience the tranquility of a good chair in the process.

This, of course, is not necessarily news to many. However, what many people don't know is that even when we are in our favorite chair, at the the office or home, the pressure to be productive still lurks around every corner. If one of over a billion people that still doesn't have multiple monitors on your desktop , then you're either to busy to notice or you're in severe denial.

The fact is that a dual monitor setup goes far beyond just being a scenic dual monitor wallpaper. Folks around the world rave at the super beneficial productivity gains they get with trading computers that support multi screen displays. Not only that, independent studies have shown that when a persons job is made easier, their stress levels reduce. It makes sense to me that when the pressure of work dominates our lives, then that stress can and generally will transcend into our personal and social life as well. So in recognizing that dual screen monitors are better than one, go get another monitor!

If your PC doesn't have the extra dual monitor adapter needed to hook another monitor, don't worry. Back in ancient times people belived you had to have some kind of special dual monitor software, but today is not the case. You can go to Super PC, home of the multiple monitor computer and get a dual monitor video card. In fact you can just click on the links and they'll take you right there. Just go ahead and thank me later.

Once you see just how beautiful life can be with something as simple as a dual monitor cable. With all the available extra workspace, you're sure to get more done than before and the best thing is, you can take all the credit too.