Monday, October 12, 2009

Multiple Monitors ; The Dawn Of A New Age

The Future of The Computer Monitor

In today's multi tasking computing world, it's not unusual to see people constantly switching from window to window trying to get data transferred from one application to another. Even using the hotkey Alt-Tab window switcher gets old. We want to see the data as soon as our eyes can hit it. It's a result of this type of madness, the popularity of multiple monitor computer workstations has increased dramatically.

Studies have shown a significant increase in employee productivity when a dual monitor setup is used. There is less mental stress, less time spent on switching programs, and less eye strain, and that's just better anyway you look at it.

For those of you who are looking to expand out of your technology box you will most likely consider a dual monitor video card or some type of dual monitor adapter, and try to salvage that old PC that supports only on computer monitor. That's fine, but it's only time before you will want multiple monitors. Let's just face it. It is what is is. Whatever the next level of evolution more productivity is, is where technology goes.

You may say well these solutions are good for desktop users, but what about my laptop? Don't worry there are already simple easy solutions to give your laptop a dual monitor wallpaper. A simple dual monitor cable usually will do the trick.

With a multiple monitor computer your net worth instantly gets higher. I'm sure that somewhere there is a computer engineer trying to figure out a way to put more monitors on a computer than ever before.

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