Monday, October 12, 2009

Study Finds Advantages in Multiple Monitors

According to a NEC-Mitsubishi Press Release I found mega surfing, Multiple Monitor Computers are on the rise in oticable productivity increases. The following is an exert of what I read. There was a lot of mumbo jumbo however I put in the best information here along with handy and helpful links to comparable products I think you can get an idea from. For your convenience of course. 

CHICAGO – October 6, 2003 – Setting a new trend among computer users in the workforce, multi-monitor computing can contribute to increased productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction among corporate users. NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc., the number one stand-alone vendor of flat panel desktop displays, ATI Technologies the University of Utah, today released the results of the first ever systematic study of productivity increases across ordinary office tasks using multiple monitor configurations.

The study, entitled Productivity and Multi Screen Displays examines how multiple monitor configurations increase user productivity and usability. Traditionally used by professionals in the financial or graphics industry, multi-monitor display computing is becoming an affordable and effective solution to the increasingly demanding computing scenarios faced by employees in mainstream corporate America. Providing users with the ability to access more information and images simultaneously, multiple monitors allow for more efficient multi-tasking between applications.

“The study reveals multi-screen users get on task quicker, work faster and get more work done with fewer errors editing documents, spreadsheets, and graphic files in comparison with single screen users,” said Dr. James Anderson, professor at the University of Utah’s Department of Communication. “The technology required to support multi-monitor computing is not only affordable, it has become standard within operating systems and LCD displays. Multi monitor configurations are poised to become the new standard in the workplace.”

By enabling users to work between multiple applications and resolving the need to view and process a multitude of information sources simultaneously, multiple monitor configurations allow users to move and size a variety of information and images across any or all screens to increase productivity. Overall respondents in the study were 10 percent more productive using multiple monitor set ups.

Multi monitors can impact a company’s ROI, when considering the value of errorless work. The study results show that respondents increased their errorless production by 18 percent using multi-screen configurations.

Additionally, multi-monitor configurations can positively impact employee morale, making users feel more comfortable with their ability to complete tasks by allowing for quick navigation and higher task focus. Participants in the study considered multi-screen configurations significantly more useful than single screens and preferred multiple monitor setups on every measure of usability. They found them 29 percent more effective for tasks, 24 percent more comfortable to use in tasks and found it 39 percent easier to move around sources of information. 

So, with that being said, I think it's a pretty good bet that if you got a dual monitor video card or a dual monitor adapter, not only would you enjoy the dual monitor wall paper without dual monitor software, but you will also gain more productivity than you ever imagined. Having a dual monitor setup once changed my life. Second only to the multi monitor setup I currently have. Although my multiple monitor computer can support a quad monitor display, I am looking forward to having six monitors possibly eight! 

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