Monday, October 12, 2009

Polls show "Multi-Monitors" on Top..

Multiple Monitor Computers are growing in increasing popularity. We can all understand rather easily why that is. If you really stop to think about it, you may ask yourself what has been the hold up to this point. If you have not already upgraded to a Multi-Screen system, then you may as well give up.

Think about the day traders who are likely to be the biggest consumer of
Multi-Screen Display systems. And who can blame them? After all when you're trading stocks on figures that already happened, at the end of the day your going to want to say that you kept up with it all. With Multi-Screen Displays traders don't need to worry about how late their information is, because they get it instantly on their multiple monitordisplay. Fortunately they do have more than one. A multiple monitor computer gives the for ex or day trader time to make split second decisions and increase profits as well. They use Trading Computers because the money saved using a trading computerwill ultimately pay for itself hundreds of times over. If you’ve been trading without multiple monitors the only question you should ask is why?

Many people are making huge profits playing poker now days and they too are great advocates of the Multi Monitor setup. Just having multiple monitor wallpaper allows players to have more tables open and therefore play more hands per hour if you can imagine that. So if you think about it like any professional online poker player would, it really comes down to the numbers. If you’re able to play on one or two tables with only one monitor, imagine what you can do with dual screens! Now since technology has caught with us and now multi monitor software is no longer needed. Just get yourself a dual monitor video cardand read the installation directions carefully, or have someone else do it. Either way you win. The profit increases exponentially, and when it comes to math, poker players are on the top of the scale. At least the winners are.

Then there are those of us who play video games and simulators, these nuts are number three on the list. When it comes to video games, realistic graphics are a priority, but having more screen space is just about as important as pixels per screen. Whether it’s RPGs in the newest "Call of Duty" or cage fighting and action, serious gamers prefer more and more screen space. And flight simulators need the additional multiple monitor video card to create the peripheral type views that give flight simulators a realistic feel when they are going down mayday style. The gaming experienced is improved with much better graphics than before and more screen space as well, and a dual monitor cable or so called dual monitor adapter won't do the trick for these guys.

Did you know that recording artists have been using multiple monitor stand to better control whatever recording software they use, especially when doing the cut, copy, paste shuffle. I'll tell you something Mr. Mixer Man, using a multiple monitor setup will save you time and create a better recording experiences more people will buy. People are catching on and are the number of people buying a multi screen computer systems are on the rise. Having the additional space always makes the job easier, and if you’re still convinced that using a Mac with one screen is best, consider this, some of the most talented and brightest producers and engineers in Hollywood as well as elsewhere have now started using multiple monitor displays to make the recording process flow more smoothly.

Bottom line is everyday people just like you and me would love to use a multi screen computer, because it allows us to increase our productivity. I usually have the news on one monitor, my music on another, a few Firefox browsers open and a couple just in case I need additional space cause you never know what article you'll find surfing around. With a Dual Monitor Background, I write a few reviews in my spare time, so being able to quickly browse the net for research without having to minimize and maximize repeatedly saves me time and money. And at the end of the day, time really is money. I can produce more material and provide a better living for me and my family, and having multiple monitors has played a significant role in being able to do so. Thank goodness.